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How to make your buttocks bigger

November 12, 2011

Today there are so many women and men who want to make their buttocks bigger. So like always they begin searching for methods and solutions to move toward the goal of getting a bigger buttocks like they want.

But with the rising number of both women and men looking for ways to get a bigger butt or make their butt firmer. There are also scammers on the rise, and they prey among the weak, unlearned and the ones who think a simple pill, booty plumping oil or some other kind a gadget will get them a bigger butt; only coming to discover their wallet and purse has been drained instead!

Now don’t get me wrong because there are programs designed to help you make your buttocks bigger and sexier, but they don’t involve fake gimmicks but instead show you how to build your butt muscles and how the buttocks muscles are composed. Because rather you knew it or not the butt is a muscle and just like any muscle in your body, you can make it (butt) bigger.

You just have to know how to make your buttocks bigger!

So if you’ve been looking for proven ways to get your butt bigger BUT without any success, you have come to the right page because im going to give you some solid information that you can use to help you get a bigger buttocks fast!

But more on that in a min because i first want to tell you how you CANT make your booty bigger!

Without al the so-called get a bigger butt programs out there, I think it would be wise of you to know what doesn’t work to add meat to your butt!

How you CANT make your buttocks bigger:

1. You CANNOT make your booty bigger by JUST eating fast-foods, and foods high in calories and protein! Doing this without knowing how to diet and exercise properly can lead to NOT a bigger sexier butt, BUT to a fat, flabby un-sexy butt! Not to mention other flabby areas of your body as well! So before you go off eating like crazy for a bigger buttocks, make sure you have the right diet and exercises in place to transform your body the right way.

2. Exercise – Exercising to get a bigger butt does work when done properly, but you will NOT be able to get a bigger buttocks from JUST exercising.  Now hear me good because like i said, yes exercising does help make you butt bigger and or firmer when you learn what exercises for buttocks to do, but you also MUST follow exercises for your buttocks up with proper nutrition.

3. Booty Plumbing Oils – Sorry to burst your bubble, butt these so-called booty plumbing oils will NOT make your butt bigger or sexier. All it will do is make you mad and drain your wallet or purse.

4. Do Nothing at All – I know, sounds oblivious doesn’t it? But you might be surprised to find out that many women and men think that they can get a bigger buttocks by simply doing nothing but reading ebooks and watching videos on how to get your buttocks bigger. In order to get a bigger butt, you HAVE to put what you learn INTO ACTION to make your butt bigger!

Ok so now you know how you CANT make your butt bigger, its time to talk about how to make your buttocks bigger!

How to get a bigger buttocks fast:

Well for beginners there are many ways to achieve your goals of getting a bigger butt fast.

1. Eat – One of the easiest way to get a bigger butt is by simply eating, BUT just not anything. No, you have to know which foods to eat and how they are going to affect your energy level and how they are going to put meat onto your body. You need to know this because if you don’t you could end up putting on too much weight in the wrong areas; wich you DONT want! Foods that make your buttocks bigger are chicken, lean beef, beans and rice and cornbread,  and a little un-know food known as ground flax seeds. All of theses foods are high in protein and when taken in the right amounts with the proper diet will do wonders for adding meat to your butt.

2. Exercises for buttocks – Where do i start, because i could write a whole book on the importance of exercising to make your butt bigger, and how if you don’t know which exercises for buttocks to do, you wont achieve anything at all. So for the sake of not boring you with list of buttocks exercises to get rid of a flat butt. I will give you one or two that will help you get a bigger buttocks fast!

1. One buttocks exercise that is good for building and firming your butt is an exercise called (quick feet) and all you do is simply stand with feet hip width apart, then step out with right foot, bring left foot next to it, step out again with right foot and bring your left knee and right elbow together.

You repeat this back and forth as fast as possible at least 10 times. Then stand with feet wider than shoulders, lower into a squat, and bring hands together in front of you, elbows bent.

This buttocks exercise will help not only build your butt muscles but this will also lift and tone your buttocks muscle, while at the same time kill cellulite.

2. Another good exercise is what is called the (lunge) and it works best if you get a weighted ball and hold it in front of you at shoulder height, with arms extended and staged with feet hip width apart.

Slowly lunge forward with right leg, then step back to starting position, keeping right leg raised so your balancing on your left leg.

Lunge out to the right then return to starting position, still keeping right leg raised. Finally lunge back with right leg, then return to starting position and repeat. This exercise works not only your butt muscle, building them and shaping them but it also builds your thighs.

These are but few exercises for buttocks and tips that will start you on your way to building a bigger butt, but if you follow them you will be on your way to achieving your goals of making your butt bigger and sexier!